Underfloor insulation

We insulate floors all over Scotland, substantially improving their efficiency and saving homeowners money. 

underfloor heating

As Scotland’s insulation, rendering and home improvements experts, we are proud to add to our services and offer underfloor insulation for a more energy efficient home and work place.  Not only can our domestic and commercial  underfloor insulation add value to your property, but a new element of comfort as well, as the draft will be stopped the heat will be retained in the colder months and in the warmer months you will be more able to retain and control the internal temperature.

As with all home improvements, any work made to your property will prove to be an investment over the course of the years ahead.  Energy efficiency is increased, and energy bills are lowered.  This is especially true when you have underfloor insulation fitted to your suspended floor area, basement, a lower uninsulated and unheated room such as a garage, cellar under the property. The cold uninsulated underfloor area can have an overall effect on the heat of the property and living spaces, reducing your comfort and increasing your energy bills.  The savings made will offset the underfloor insulation cost made by the property owners over a period of time.  This is why Warmhouse Ltd. have been Green Deal approved, ensuring that our work meets high standards, ensuring you reap all the benefits of these home improvements.

Reducing the carbon footprint of the industrial and commercial businesses of Scotland is becoming increasingly necessary as the country continues to consider its impact on the ever-growing global community.  Commercial Underfloor heating is therefore in high demand amongst business owners, and as Scotland’s established and trusted heating and insulation experts, we promise to provide the same quality of bespoke customer services throughout our entire energy saving improvement range, including underfloor insulation. Scotland businesses can expect these changes to their premises will not only allow them to move forward into a greener world but will make them savings to increase their productivity and overall success.


If you have any questions on how underfloor insulation or other home improvements will affect your property, please visit our FAQ page with tips and ideas on how you can improve your property using Warmhouse Ltd.  Alternatively, contact us direct and request a free quote today on any of our services including heating, roofing and window glazing.

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We offer comprehensive guarantees with all of our services. We work with the best names in the industry and our products carry manufacturer guarantees of up to 25 year

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