Room in the Roof

Fully insulate your loft and keep it as a usuable space

For any home in Scotland lacking insulation, you could be losing as much as one-quarter of your energy through your roof.

Energy loss is one of the biggest expenses that you can suffer from as a homeowner, especially when living in areas exposed to the elements. At Warmhouse we specialize in the sorting of said problem, helping you to reduce your energy bill wastage through various forms of insulation and energy-efficient fitting. One of our most popular services, though, is dealing with Room in Roof Insulation.

room in roof

What is room and roof insulation?

This form of insulation has become very popular, helping to offer extra energy efficiency to your property through the fitting of insulation boarding. These boards will be fitting between the rafters underneath the existing plasterboard walls that you have, meaning that the heat is going to be kept inside and thus avoid it seeping out of the property.

Often, we use rigid foam insulation boards which are made from polystyrene or polyurethane: we will choose the best material for your property and your needs. This form of insulation works by helping to add a protective layer against cold air coming in, whilst helping to keep the warm air where it should be: in your home.

Not only will it help to make sure that the heat cannot escape, but it will ensure that you have a strong, waterproof solution put in place to help avoid dampness, leaks and other issues often associated with your roof.

Why do I need room in roof insulation?

For one, room in roof insulation is very popular because it helps to make sure that you start spending less money on energy.

It’s the perfect choice for insulating a loft conversion, too, adding extra insulation where needed without wasting space or making the whole place feel needlessly crammed.

We can also cover your new insulation fitting with plasterboard, giving it a more modern, robust and aesthetically pleasing finish. This helps to secure the solidity of your property whilst ensuring that you spend less on heating bills as time goes on.

By preventing heat loss, you can make your home feel much more cozy but also make sure that, in time, should you choose to sell, the value can remain at a peak.

Room in roof insulation in Scotland

At Warmhouse, we are experts in the installation of room in roof insulation. With the opportunity to regain that 25% loss of heat going out through your roof, this represents a very affordable return on investment that you can benefit from for years to come.

Room in roof insulation also helps with things like carbon dioxide savings, too, which can be a huge benefit to your property.

For more information and advice about choosing the right room in roof insulation anywhere in the central belt and beyond, contact us today.

We can arrange a consultation to evaluate the kind of room in roof space that you have, and we can work around that. Based on your needs and your requirements, we’ll draw up a clear plan of action for you.

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