Paving Steam Cleaning

At Warmhouse, we like to offer our customers the opportunity to show their properties the tlc they deserve.  Whether it’s installing insulation, rendering and plastering, roof repairs, or enhancing the appearance of your home by steam cleaning external surfaces, you’ll be glad you chose Warmhouse for your home improvements.

Cleaning paving stones can be a tiring and time-consuming job, and some householders resort to using strong chemicals in an effort to get the job done quickly.  At Warmhouse, we prefer steam cleaning paving stones for two reasons: first, avoiding harsh chemicals protects the environment, for the safety of animals, plants, and our own families; and secondly, some cleaners can react with building materials and actually damage your home.

The high quality steam cleaning equipment we use releases nothing but pure H2O, at a temperature carefully selected to remove all kinds of dirt without damaging the stone.  

Cleaning paving stone patio areas doesn’t have to be difficult or inconvenient, and your patio will be safe to use as soon as the process is finished.

Likewise, when cleaning driveway paving stones, your safety is our first concern.  High temperature paving stones cleaning will remove moss or mud which may otherwise cause slips and trips.

Exposed to all the Scottish weather has to throw at them, as well as vehicular and foot traffic day-in and day-out, it’s no wonder if your paths, patios and driveways are starting to look a bit worse for wear.  Contact Warmhouse today to find out how we can transform your home for the better.

Why choose Warmhouse?

Value for Money and Great Service
Warmhouse installs rendering on a huge amount of homes all over Scotland every year. Warmhouse is set up to offer outstanding, personal customer service and the best products in the industry.

Our customers benefit from lower prices due to the bulk discounts our combined buying power allows.

Peace of Mind
We offer comprehensive guarantees with all of our services. We work with the best names in the industry and our products carry manufacturer guarantees of up to 25 years.

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