Loft Insulation

A loft with poor insulation loses a huge amount of heat and could be costing you a fortune.

loft insulation

When you have a loft at home, it can be one of your most useful and effective rooms. However, many loft areas in Scottish properties suffer from one problem in particular: wasted energy through energy loss. 

At Warmhouse, we provide the perfect solution to this problem in loft insulation in Scotland. Serving all Scotland’s cities and towns, we make sure that you can get access to professional loft insulation for your property, helping you to cut your energy bills by as much as 30%.

What is loft insulation?

Loft insulation is the art of adding the extra fittings needed into your loft to help energy and heat escaping needlessly. This is a process that will look to use safe, secure materials such as glass wool, rock wool and/or cellulose. These tools are used to help reduce energy wastage, avoiding it escaping through the seams of your building and being wasted. Now, you will need to spend less money on energy to receive the same level of comfort.

Loft insulation is located normally between the joists on the loft floor of your property. This is then used to help trap in the warm energy whilst avoiding the heat from slipping through the numerous gaps and cracks that might exist. Used properly, loft insulation can be essential for improving and adding to the level of protection that you have at home.

Through our help at Warmhouse, you can easily get quick and professional loft insulation fitted and installed in the shortest space of time. We work quickly and quietly, helping to get this in place at a fast pace and at an affordable price.

Why do I need loft insulation?

For one, your loft is likely to be one of the most significant contributors to energy loss at home.

Loft insulation is often the best opportunity to help remove this problem, helping you to prevent the movement of heated air out of your home thanks to the secure material.

Thanks to loft insulation in Scotland, we can easily help you to improve the quality of life that you enjoy at home – and improve the value of your property at the same time.

Loft insulation is easily adjusted to fit your own needs, too. We can easily help you to get loft insulation fitted, even if there is limited space to move around within the loft area.

It’s very rare that you would fall under the 1.4m height threshold needed to gain access to install your loft insulation. So long as you meet this height criteria, our team will be able to work with relative comfort.

Professional loft insulation in Scotland

Thanks to professional loft insulation, you can very quickly and easily reduce your carbon footprint and improve your EPC rating. Not only that, but you can effectively see a return on investment within a few short years through energy savings and an improvement in your quality of life at home.

While you might not use your loft much, it can use a lot of energy up just through needless wastage. With our help we can help to make your loft – and the rest of your home – feel much more comfortable. If you are interested in receiving loft insulation, then contact us today.

We’ll arrange a consultation to show you just how loft insulation could help you to get the most out of your property, both today and in any future sale.

Why choose Warmhouse?

Value for Money and Great Service
Warmhouse installs rendering on a huge amount of homes all over Scotland every year. Warmhouse is set up to offer outstanding, personal customer service and the best products in the industry.

Our customers benefit from lower prices due to the bulk discounts our combined buying power allows.

Peace of Mind
We offer comprehensive guarantees with all of our services. We work with the best names in the industry and our products carry manufacturer guarantees of up to 25 years.

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