Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

Find out if you're elegible for the Government's scheme to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.

What is the Energy Company Obligation?​

ECO is the government’s umbrella term for its programme to make houses in the UK more energy efficient.

The ECO scheme means that medium and large gas and electricity suppliers – including British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon, Ovo, Scottish Power and SSE – are obliged to help households with energy efficiency measures. Energy efficiency measures available through ECO include loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation and boiler replacement or repair.

They’re all designed to help save people money on their energy bills, keep homes warmer and help to reduce carbon emissions.

What is the Energy Company Obligation?
ECO is the government’s umbrella term for its programme to make houses in the UK more energy efficient. The latest iteration of the scheme is focused solely on targeting energy efficiency measures in lower-income and more vulnerable households.

The current scheme, called ECO3, was launched in December 2018. It runs until 31 March 2022 and is focused exclusively on those customers with lower incomes who are considered to be in vulnerable situations or living in fuel poverty. A wide range of benefits qualifies recipients for ECO3. In total, 6.5 million households are eligible.

The scheme’s plan is to make energy-saving improvements to 900,000 homes. Each year up to 35,000 homes with broken heating systems will have them replaced and 17,000 homes with solid walls will be treated. ECO3 replaced previous
schemes (with the same name) which ran for five years until December 2018.

Suppliers must deliver 15% of their ECO measures to homes in rural areas, and 10% of them can be installing ‘innovative’ products, such as devices to help homeowners manage their energy use.

Free insulation and other ECO energy-efficiency improvements Under ECO, grants are available to cover all or part of the cost of energy efficiency measures. Some of the most common measures are: cavity wall insulation solid wall insulation and a new boiler. It can also be used to pay for homes to be connected to district heating systems, where appropriate, or for heating controls to be installed. Installation of solid wall insulation and cavity wall insulation is usually done by a contractor.

Freequently Asked Questions

If your boiler is over 7 years old, you could be enitlted to a free boiler.

You may be able to have ECO3 measures installed if you are a tenant living in privately rented premises and you meet the relevant eligibility criteria. To do so you must gain consent from your landlord.

Depending on your circumstances and requirements, a contribution may be required. We will go through this with you during the process and provide complete transparency.

This depends on your circumstances, your living situation and also which benefits anyone in the household receives.

This can vary but we can have everything in place for the work to commence in just a few short weeks.

• A free (or almost free) new A-rated, energy-efficient boiler
• Free installation
• Savings of up to £350 each year on your energy bills
• Increased property value

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