Full Roof Replacement

Complete replacement roofs of all types, Warmhouse can do it all

The roofing process for us is simple: we look to make the job as sturdy as we can and to ensure it improves your quality of life in the long-term.

When it comes to the maintenance of your property, roof replacement can seem like a daunting task.  This is because it is viewed as a complicated process and because most people worry that roof replacement and repairs are costly.  Others are concerned about any mess or further damage made to other parts of their property while work is being carried out.  However, with the professional team at Warmhouse Ltd we can alleviate any concerns you have,  no matter what is thrown at it from the Scottish “seasons” (4 in one day sometimes).

The WARMHOUSE roofing process

1. We’ll begin with a comprehensive investigation of the roofing that you have at present. This is important, as we need to assess the condition of your current materials and how we can best begin stripping the roof back to its base for rebuilding. By ensuring that the old damaged materials can be removed, we can then replace them with newer, durable and environmentally friendly materials instead. This helps to improve the strength of your roof, the visual appeal of your roof and the overall value of your roof, too.

2. Then, we ensure that all your remaining materials are secured and structurally safe. This will be done to ensure that the rafters of the building are safe and we can proceed with the process of installation

3. From here, we’ll begin rebuilding each section of the roof. Starting from the bottom up we will start with the ESP boards secured to the rafters upon which we will fit a protective and waterproof felt we can install new lines of tile support batons. Then, once positioned, we can fit and install your preferred choice of tiles, finishing off with the replacement of new soffits & facias ensuring that your roof is once again best suited for maintaining structural integrity.

4. Over time, you should notice an improvement to your standard of living. By having a roof that is more securely built, with each layer working together for added comfort and protection, you’ll generally feel more comfortable when living at home.

Our process, then, will make sure that you are left with protection against heat and moisture build-up, by helping to improve the flow of air through your soffits. There are many benefits to our process, each one helping to make your replacement roof built to last for the long-term.

The overall process we use also helps to keep water out of at the key parts of your roof, ensuring that water damage is stopped. By building your roof with such structural solidity, we make sure that your roof is going to stay strong, secure and well-protected for many years to come.

We provide a 12 months labour guarantee. We work with respected names within the tiling industry, who provide is with durable, reliable tiles that come with a guarantee of up to 20-years.

Warmhouse offer a quality Roof Replacement service

For any home owner in Scotland, maintaining the standard of your roof is essential. At Warmhouse, we provide a full roof replacement service nationwide, across Scotland, stretching from the borders all the way to Wick. When your roof has structural damage, the cost to your home repair bills can become significant. Without a replacement, the roof will continue to degrade in condition. Over time, this can lead to the requirement of a full roof replacement.

Full Roof replacement is a necessary task that must be undertaken every 25 years or so in order to benefit fully from the protection it gives in terms of damp proofing, heat conservation and energy efficiency.  When you do have your roofing replaced, using Warmhouse will ensure it is done to a very high standard, using quality materials that will ultimately improve the comfort of your home and protect your roof so that any damage or wear and tear caused by strong weather conditions and varying temperatures are kept to a minimum.  

Full roof replacement services, means that Warmhouse will not just patch up parts your roof, perhaps leaving unseen damage or worn materials that can compromise the overall integrity and structure of your home, but replace it with new, more durable and environmentally friendly materials, built to last.  From beginning to end we provide everything needed to supply full roof replacement and we will leave your home looking better, being sure to tidy up fully after work has been completed.

Having damp proofing installed, along with insulation will protect your home from any damage caused by damp, improve the health of those that occupy the home, and allow you to preserve heating energy sources, adding to the overall comfort of your home without eating into your finances.  Full roof replacement also improves the overall appearance of your home.

Get your roof to standard with a full replacement

The sooner you have a roof that’s “beyond repair” replaced, the sooner you can benefit from it. A damaged roof will need immediate attention, before the problem becomes even worse. Due to the likely nature of roofing damage, though, the problem will erode quickly without a solution being put in place.

A new and much stronger roof lets less energy out and improves your quality of life. Roofing replacements can also help to improve the value of your property. By making it both safer for a potential buyer, your property can fetch a higher price on the market. On top of that, your property will look nicer and fresher with a new, fully rebuilt & replaced roof.

All these factors can help contribute to a better quality of property overall. Whether you choose to remain living in your property, or you intend to sell it on, a full roof replacement is a worthwhile investment.

Warmhouse roofing services

By replacing your roof and ensuring every part of it is up to modern standards, you’ll notice several improvements. By using safety-minded staff and the best materials, too, we make sure the job is fit to last. Now, you’ll have a roof that is strong, sturdy and stylish in equal measure. On top of that, it will make a positive contribution to improving your overall standard of living.

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Warmhouse installs rendering on a huge amount of homes all over Scotland every year. Warmhouse is set up to offer outstanding, personal customer service and the best products in the industry.

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We offer comprehensive guarantees with all of our services. We work with the best names in the industry and our products carry manufacturer guarantees of up to 25 years.

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