Air Source Heat Pumps

Here at Warmhouse, we specialise in home insulation, offering innovative solutions to help our customers save money and energy, including our range of heat pumps. Heating your home in the right way can help to reduce your overall carbon emissions, and based in Scotland, we are here to help those in the country and across the UK.


Heat pumps are used to heat your home by extracting energy from the surrounding environment. It works by creating a small amount of higher temperature energy through a compressor, using a vapour compression cycle to harness the energy available when vapour returns to liquid.

Air source heat pumps extract the energy from the outside air. This process is similar to that of fridges and freezers, but in reverse. Like air conditioning units, heat pumps contain the higher temperature air and remove the cooler air to keep your home warm. You already likely to have items that work in this way in your home, if you think about the kinetic energy of a household appliance such as a tumble dryer, which produces heat through kinetic energy. Whilst air source heat pumps may not be as efficient as ground source heat pumps, they are easily to initially install, offering a quick boost to your home’s energy efficiency.

For more information on air source heat pumps, or alternatively, ground source air pumps, Scotland customers can get in touch today and we will be pleased to help.

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